RevitaCare HairCare

Brand: RevitaCare




Revitacare HAIRCARE 10x5ml

Revitacare Haircare is a product developed especially for the treatment of various hair and scalp problems. Whether it is to fight progressive or sudden hair loss

(linked to some stress, fatigue), to fight against dull, tired and dehydrated hair or against oily hair, dandruff, etc.


Revitacare HairCare improves hair structure, regulates seborrhea (eczema, dandruff) stimulates regrowth and slows down hair loss through a combination of refreshing, nourishing, and stimulating elements.


These active ingredients help cleanse the scalp by moisturizing and stimulating it, so that it can retain its protective function. Thus preventing the return of dandruff, the hair follicles are restructured and strengthened and the hair becomes shiny and full of vitality. It regains softness and fullness.



The Haircare formula contains non-cross-linked HA, 5 amino acids (arginine-cysteine-glutamine-glycine-ornithine), 1 mineral salt (zinc), 6 group B vitamins.


Treatment areas

This product is used on the scalp to stimulate hair regrowth and fight androgenic alopecia and baldness.


Use of Haircare

Before starting treatment, the patient’s history must be established, the patient should

be informed about the immediate effects of the treatment as well as any side effects.


This product can be used with a derma roller, micro-needling, or through superficial

injections into the scalp.


Injection protocol:

6-week sessions are recommended. A touch-up session must be scheduled every three months to maintain results.


The treatment must be performed by a professional who is authorized to practice these techniques. Licensed Physician, Nurse, or Dentist



The results of Revitacare HAIRCARE are visible quickly after the first session.

During the sessions, the results become more and more clear, see the picture below based on one

capillary mesotherapy performed with micro-needling.


Patients and practitioners report a very high degree of satisfaction.

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