About Mareli Academy

Mareli Academy is one of Europe’s most reputable schools for those who want to train in aesthetic injections. Already in 2017, Mareli Academy made history as the first and only school to objectively develop a course that was reviewed and approved by LIPUS. (physicians’ institution for professional development in healthcare), a subsidiary of the Swedish Medical Association.

If you take an education through the Mareli Academy, you get a solid foundation to stand on to take your clinic and treatments to a higher level. Mareli Academy is run by Mareli Medical, which is one of Europe’s largest retailers of fillers.

Mareli Academy is also part of the Molderm Aesthetics 360 concept for a better industry. All materials and pedagogy are reviewed and approved by Molderm Aesthetics.

To read more about Mareli Academy please visit www.mareliacademy.com